When will I receive my order?

Custom orders take approximately 4-6 weeks to create and ship out. Ready to ship items may take up to  7-10 days to be shipped. If you are looking to receive an item sooner, please email us at marybethmadeit@gmail.com before placing your order.


Will you roll the Decovil in my order?

Unless you purchase a full roll (16 yards) your Decovil is not guaranteed to be rolled. If you would like to have it rolled, please reach out to us, we are happy to help!

**Vinyl and cork will always be shipped in rolls.**

Can I cancel my order?

We do not offer cancellations on custom orders or preorders. You acknowledge these rules when ordering. In some circumstances, an exception may possibly be made but you will incur up to a 25% restock fee.


Do you refund shipping overages on my order?

Absolutely! If you have a difference of $2.00 or more, we will refund those overages. Sometimes we miss these refunds because we have to initiate them manually. Please reach out if you think you were due a refund and didn't receive one. Additionally, we may need to ship via a different carrier than you selected at checkout. We will never ship a package without insurance if you have paid for it. The one exception is if your package can actually ship first class. Sometimes the website can calculate shipping in a weird way (usually overcharging you slightly) so this does happen from time to time. We cover shipping differences of up to $2.00 short. If you have a bigger deficit, we will invoice you for additional shipping and your order will not ship until that invoice has been paid. If any this is a major concern for you, please leave us a note on your order or contact us prior to checkout to avoid any complications regarding your shipping preferences.


Can I return my order?

You may read our return policy here.


Can you rush my order?

We always want you to have what you need, when you need it. If you have ordered too close to your deadline or forgot to place your order in time, we may possibly be able to help! Reach out to us if you find yourself in that boat and for a rush fee, we may be able to bail you out! Please keep in mind that while we are a two person team running the whole business, even we have limits to our capabilities so this is not a guarantee that we can save the day for you but we will always do our best!


Can I add my coupon code to my order if I forgot it at checkout?

Unfortunately, we have no way of adding a discount or coupon code on our end. If you miss adding it at checkout, we aren't able to assist you. We definitely feel for you because we've done it too!


Can I combine two coupons on my order?

Some discounts will apply together on an order but that isn't always the case. We try to have the most reasonable pricing available for you every day so we can't always offer additional savings.


What if the listing says "GIANT SIZE' 'FLAWED' or 'MISPRINT' on it?

You may occasionally find an extra good deal on a print that has been sent to us with irregularities from the factory. These listings will usually have all caps stating the irregularities as well as a generously discounted price tag. These items are also not eligible for returns as they are considered sale prices and those sales are final.


What if I forgot to request a return in time or am not eligible to return items from my order?

You are always welcome to destash your extra Marybeth Made It! items on our Facebook page found here. We are not responsible for any transactions made this way and we will not mediate any disputes.


What if I am missing items from my order?

We make sure to check every order thoroughly before packing and shipping. Sometimes we make mistakes because we are human too. We can easily go back and check if you are missing an item, which makes it very easy to get you a replacement. Normal claims policy applies here and you have 7 days to inform us that you are missing an item from your order. We don't generally split up shipments so if an item didn't arrive with the rest of the order, please double check with us within this timeframe.


Please note that if you file a dispute with your bank fraudulently, such as stating an order wasn't received when it was delivered, not only will you be banned from purchasing from us, we will also take legal action against you because fraud is a crime and we work very hard for our income. We make sure to document every order thoroughly so please keep this in mind before claiming you didn't receive an item.

Honesty is always appreciated here and we understand you are human and may make mistake too. If you kindly explain your situation to us, we may be willing to make an exception to help you out even if it isn't within our typical policies.