Class related FAQs & Cancellation Policies

Will I be able to purchase materials during class?

Yes! You are always more than welcome to purchase from us. In order to keep classes on schedule, we do ask that you shop for your actual class materials ahead of time. We are available to help you shop by appointment and sometimes even before class begins. You do receive a student discount on any regular priced purchase you make too! This discount will be valid as long as you have an upcoming class with us. 


Will I be able to leave projects and supplies for class in the shop?

Yes! You are always more than welcome to leave your project and supplies in the cubbies we have provided. Just know that they do not lock and while we make our best efforts to monitor everything, we are human and cannot possibly be everywhere at once. We are not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items but we will do our best to prevent these things from happening and assist you any way we can if something does go missing.


Do you have cameras on the property?

Yes! We take everyone's safety and privacy very seriously. Since you will be invited into our home (even though the shop isn't attached the bathroom is in the house) we will have cameras both in the house (not the bathroom obviously) and around the property. While we are not responsible for any injuries, we still do our very best to maintain a safe space to create in. 


Do you have pets?

Yes, we do. We have 4 very small dogs that will be kenneled during class but may bark if you use the restroom and one very small munch kitten that may come say hello but usually avoids people unless you call her. None of the animals will be in the shop with us and they are all incredibly friendly (albeit loud as heck still). If this is a concern of yours, we understand you not wanting to schedule a class with us. Since we do have students with service animals, we welcome any service animal into the shop at any time so you may occasionally have a class with one in the shop. Again, if this bothers you, please reach out before scheduling a class with us.


Will I be photographed in class?

You may be photographed in class but we will always respect your wishes to not be directly photographed. This means you may have your project or a small part of your body (like your hands or feet) in a photograph once in awhile. 


Do you have a kit I can buy for class?

Sometimes we will offer kits as part of the class admission and other times we will have them available as an add on. Occasionally, we won't have kits available at all but we will gladly help you choose coordinating and appropriate materials for the project.


Can I cancel my class?

We do not offer cancellations on classes less than 72 hours before the scheduled class time. We do, however, allow you to drop out of one class and apply that credit to a future class as long as it is at least 72 hours prior to the start of the class. You may contact us via email at or chat on the website. You may also text Marybeth at 541-973-5491. We also appreciate you not making a habit of this because it isn't fair to others that may have wanted to enroll in the class but missed out. We understand life happens though! 


Do you ever make an exception to the class cancelation policy?

Absolutely! If you have a valid reason for missing class at the last minute, you can always find someone to take your place and contact us to make that change. Additionally, we do occasionally make an exception and give you a discount on a future class depending on the scenario. We reserve the right to use our discretion when making these decisions. There is also the option to attend the Make Up Monday class which is priced at a discount and specifically for those that have not completed a class project. It will be much different from our Snack n Sew. 


Can I take the same class more than once?

You may absolutely take any class you would like regardless of wether or not you were previously enrolled. We may need to adjust these policies if we aren't able to accommodate any new students joining classes though. There are also listings for the Totes and Tacos and similar classes that are actually different each month too and yes, you can sign up for all of them!


Do you have a waitlist for classes?

Yes! We always want to have you in class and we don't like it when people miss out. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate the many of you that love taking classes with us all at the same time so you may occasionally have to join the waitlist for a class. We do give those of you on the waitlist first priority on the class if someone cancels but we also give you the chance to sign up first if we add another date for the class. 


Please note that if you file a dispute with your bank fraudulently, such as stating an order wasn't received when it was delivered, not only will you be banned from purchasing from us, we will also take legal action against you because fraud is a crime and we work very hard for our income. We make sure to document every order thoroughly so please keep this in mind before claiming you didn't receive an item.

Honesty is always appreciated here and we understand you are human and may make mistake too. If you kindly explain your situation to us, we may be willing to make an exception to help you out even if it isn't within our typical policies.